MANAGEMENT: Principles and Applications, Fourth Edition

Video Labs: Chapter #1-An Overview of Management

The Management of Arch Motorcycles


This video highlights Arch Motorcycle Company, founded by actor Keanu Reeves and motorcycle shop owner Gard Hollinger. Despite his initial trepidation in partnering with Reeves due to his celebrity status, Hollinger partnered with Reeves to develop a company that successfully targets a market niche among motorcycle enthusiasts. Reeves test drives the motorcycles himself, showing his passion for the firm and its products. Run Time: 6:44

Jeff Bezos's Management Style


This clip discusses the management style of Jeff Bezos, CEO of It describes Jeff Bezos’s customer-centric management style and how he was able to turn Amazon from an online book retailer into “the Everything Store.” Part of his success is due to his willingness to take risks and his high standards. Bezos is very involved in every aspect of the business. Sometimes his manner to employees is tough, but he expects the best in customer service. Run Time: 4:10